Gold Bars - Advice on buying and selling bullion

Gold bars offer a simple and straightforward way for you to invest some of your money into gold.

Gold bars always have a value based on the price of gold, which may increase or decrease.

Gold bars are available in a variety of weights, typically starting at one tenth ounce and can be purchased in denominations up to and over 1KG.

Gold bars are 24 carat fine gold.

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Gold bars as an investment

Investors have lost trust in the banking system to both store and appropriately manage their wealth. This is one of the largest contributing factors for people to invest in gold and bullion.

Further to that, confidence in the worldwide economy is also at an all-time low, people are now more than ever turning to the precious metal market to preserve their wealth.

It is not only these uncertain times that has caused interests in buying gold and bullion, this precious yellow commodity has enabled generations to store, preserve and inherit wealth, and possibly make healthy returns on their original investments in the metal.

Why buy gold bars?

Gold has always been a way to protect the value of money, since gold is in limited supply (it cannot be manufactured), and it is accepted worldwide as a form of payment, and as having value. This means that even though the price of gold may fluctuate, over time the value of gold generally increases, while the value of currency may be eroded by inflation and other economic factors.

It is for this reason that when we enter a recession or economic downturn many people invest in gold as a way to protect the value of their money or savings. One thing to bear in mind whether you buy gold bars is that you will always pay a slight premium over the market value of gold when you buy, and you will always recieve slightly less than the market value of gold when you sell.