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Hatton Garden Metals sell gold bars and gold coins to private investors, to the public, and to the trade.

We are a well known London gold dealer, so you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company, and that you will get competitive prices when you buy your gold bars and gold coins from us.

We are a British Royal Mint authorised distributer, and authorised distributor of Metalor Gold Bars. Our general stock of 24ct gold bars includes Metalor, Umicore, PAMP Suisse, Perth Mint, Heraeus, Emirates and Valcambi.

When you buy gold coins and bullion you will want to check the seller's reputation carefully.

If you feel uncomfortable then find someone that you are happy to buy from. Always put your own best interests first when buying any form of gold.

Three things to consider when you buy bars

1Make sure that you are paying a fair price for your gold bars.

You can get a good indication of the likely cost of a bar by looking at the current gold price per ounce and adding about 5% - 7%.

This would reflect the standard price likely to be asked by a gold bar dealer.

Gold Bar Prices

2Think about where you are going to keep your gold bars.

Many investors store their gold bullion in the comfort and safety of their own home. Gold is small and tangible and therefore easily hidden, a large value can be represented by a very small volume of fine gold.

You could hide this wealth in an obscure safe place such as under a floorboard, wall, and secret compartment in your home. Alternatively, you could invest in a small safe for your home which can be attached to a floor or wall to safeguard your physical investment. Safety deposit boxes are another option to protect your physical gold.

More About Storing Gold Bars

3Think about how you will turn your gold bars back into cash when you want to sell them.

Your gold is an investment and so you'll need to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that you can trust when you sell.

Hatton Garden Metals will be happy to buy your gold bars from you when you come to sell them, and you can be sure that you'll get the best prices and get your money quickly too.

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Buy Gold bars

Buy gold bars online

You can check our available stock online in real-time. Our extensive variety of gold bars and coins are all manufactured by LBMA authorised distributors and world renowned International Mints. All gold purchases are TAX free. All online gold and silver orders are readily available for NEXT DAY delivery or SAME DAY collection. We pride ourselves on offering competitive and clear pricing.

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Hatton Garden Metals = we buy and sell gold bars

Buy gold bars in-person at our London store

Here at Hatton Garden Metals we are dedicated to providing our clients with a complete bullion service.  Our family has now been in the business for three generations, enabling us to develop awareness of the requirements of our valued customers.

Our website is designed to show absolute transparency of pricing. Unlike many of our competitors, we show clearly the percentage that we charge over the gold price for any gold coins or bars that we sell.

For clients that are looking to purchase gold and silver, there is no doubting that owning physical metal put you in a unique investment position, whilst further diversifying your portfolio of investments.

At Hatton Garden Metals our unique online system allows you to complete your order online within a few minutes. We send all physical deliveries out for a next working day delivery.

When the time comes for you to release your gold or silver back to us we offer you a variety of payment options all available at our store based in Hatton Garden, or via our website.

We offer a variety of stock for your convenience with a wide selection of gold and silver coins from across the world. The British coins usually attract investors’ attention due to their exemption from Capital Gains Tax based on the premise they are still a coin of the realm.

We also stock a range of gold bars, including Metalor, Umicore, Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse and many others. Our dedicated investment teams are always available to talk you though the stock options available to you.

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