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We buy and sell a wide variety of gold coins paying the best prices and ensuring that you get your money fast.

Hatton Garden Metals are a well known London gold dealer, so rest assured that you are selling to a leading gold dealing company. You can be sure that you will always get an excellent price and an exemplary service when you deal with us.

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Image Name Fineness Wt G
Best Value Gold Sovereign 22.00 ct 7.98
Gold Krugerrand 22.00 ct 33.93
Gold Half Sovereign 22.00 ct 3.99
1oz Gold Bar 24.00 ct 31.10
1g Gold Bar 24.00 ct 1.00
5g Gold Bar 24.00 ct 5.00
100g Gold Bar 24.00 ct 100.00
10g Gold Bar 24.00 ct 10.00
50g Gold Bar 24.00 ct 50.00
20g Gold Bar 24.00 ct 20.00
Gold Sovereign 2017 22.00 ct 7.98
2.5g Gold Bar 24.00 ct 2.50
Gold Sovereign - Veil Victoria 22.00 ct 7.98
Gold Half Krugerrand 22.00 ct 16.96
USA 1oz $50 Eagle 22.00 ct 33.93
Gold Sovereign - King George - Head 22.00 ct 7.98
Gold Quarter Krugerrand 22.00 ct 8.48
Gold Sovereign Five Pound 22.00 ct 39.94
Gold Sovereign - King Edward - Head 22.00 ct 7.98
Gold Sovereign 2018 22.00 ct 7.98
Gold Sovereign - Jubilee Victoria 22.00 ct 7.98
Gold Two Pound Double Sovereign 22.00 ct 15.98
Gold Sovereign - 2012 22.00 ct 7.98
Gold Quarter Britannia 22.00 ct 8.48
USA 1oz $50 Buffalo 24.00 ct 31.10
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